A speech of welcome is appropriate when any kind of group meets for a convention or when distinguished guests appear before a group. At many high-school commencements a student gives a speech of welcome to visitors, called the salutatory address.
Such speeches should be brief, sincere, cordial, and to the point. The ideaof the speech is to make the guests feel that thier hosts are glad they came, not to advertise the building, the home town, or the personality of the speaker.
The farewell speech of commeencement is called the valedictory address and is usually given by the student with the highest rank in the graduating class. Also, when a metting or a dinner is held in honor of a departing or retiring citizen, a farewellspeech is necessary. The guest should be made to feel warm appreciation for his services and the continued interest of the group in his future.
Prepare and deliver a welcome speech for one of these situations:
1. A reception fot thr champion baseball team of a rival high school.
2. A meeting of parents at your school.
3. A barrio festival.
4. A convention of Red Cross workers.
5. A high-school commencement.
Now prepare and give a farewell speech for one of these:
1. The superintendent of your schools is leaving the Phillipines for further study.
2. You are the valedictorian at your high-school commecement.
3. Your parish priest or minister has been called to onther province.
4. Your teacher is retiring.
5. A public official because of poor health.


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